CLIORO® jewels are solely crafted by using the most precious materials available. Craftsmanship in perfection, excellent surface finishing and smart clasp-systems. CLIORO® jewels are charmingly luxurious while parallel convenient for daily life.
  • Fancy something sophisticated and playful or rather puristic yet timeless? Stylish necklaces, bracelets and hoop earrings underline the irresistible sensuality of a woman. A festive gala, […]
  • Generously voluminous, impressive feel, clean designs – every single piece is a sensual homage to the quintessence of femininity. Glamorous and unique – our diamond-set jewels […]
  • Whether light hoop earrings, flex-bangles or delicate diamond-set chains and bracelets. CLIORO® offers a wide range of fashionable jewels in a purposely simplified design.