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'PASSIONE IN ORO' - Premium jewellery 'Handmade in Italy' since 1991

Exquisite craftsmanship, innovative creativity and a consequent marketing plan are the ingredients of our success. Trend-setting and distinctive designs complemented by timeless classics spiced up with a hint of 'Dolce Vita' describes the strength of CLIORO® best. The CLIORO® collection comprises an extensive variety of exclusive necklaces, bracelets, bangles and earrings. Every single piece is unique and perfectly handcrafted with a passion for detail. Naturally all CLIORO® jewels are manufactured of the most precious materials available such as diamonds and gold. At CLIORO® highly skilled

specialists are uniting traditional craftsmanship with the latest technologies. CLIORO® jewels do playfully underline the femininity at its finest while parallel promising the pure 'Joie de vivre'. Every single piece of the CLIORO® manufactory represents great skills combining perfect craftsmanship with Italian spirits. At CLIORO® all production processes do comply with the standards of CIBJO (The World Jewellery Confederation). Of course it goes without saying that all diamonds that we process are of conflict-free origin and do comply with the 'Kimberley process' of the UN.